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Voice of the Customer – Recommendations about Me
Bora is a detail-oriented manager who created great business opportunities in the Group without losing sight of the strategic objective.
Craig -Digital Service Development Manager, HSBC
Bora is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with (at HSBC). He is an accomplished manager within any environment - specifically sales & marketing - with a depth & breath of experience & knowledge. He is a professional manager & attitude toward his work has always been full of passion. His interpersonal skills allowed him to develop great relationships with staff throughout any organisation. With an analytical forte combined with an innovative mind has allowed him to oversee delivery of some first class global projects.
Richard – CEO at Huelin-Renouf Shipping
I worked with Bora at HSBC (Jersey). He has an exceptional knowledge of strategic planning and motivating teams. He's a great guy to be around, as he strives for results.
Casper, MBA MCIM -Marketing Consultant
Bora as an extremely organised worker and has great project management skills. On the projects I worked with him on, he was confident and able to direct others to make sure that all aspects of the work were completed to the right level of quality. Great guy to work with and would happily work with him in the future.
Dan - Internet Banking, HSBC Offshore
I worked with Bora for over two years at HSBC International and have kept in close contact with him in my various roles to leverage off his valuable input, insight and expertise on specific marketing, CRM and product propositional work I have done. I regard him as an innovative and "out the box" thinker who is very approachable, results driven with a sharp financial and analytical mind. Asset to any company.
Paul - Senior Manager, New Product Development & Integration, Lloyds Banking Group
Having worked this gentleman for some time. He has always been very hard working, honest and exceptionally talented.
In his position as a consultant director with us Bora did an excellent job and was an asset to our organisation.
He would make a perfect business partner or employee for anyone lucky enough to engage him.
Jonathan –Director, Brandforensics  
In his position as a consultant director with us, Bora was an asset to our organisation and in the building of our channel & corporate strategy.
I would strongly recommend Bora for a position within your company.
With our practice and online business, it was apparent Bora has a wide range of skills and understanding of business and the customer journey which I believe can be used in many professional fields.
He is highly motivated and adaptable individual who communicates well and is able to grasp new and technical information quickly. With his logical mind he is good with problem solving and also creating ideas.
Bora is very amiable and professional at all times. He worked very well with our management team and e-commerce team.
I do believe he would be a great asset to any company and can recommend him for any endeavour he wishes to pursue.
Connie –AVP, Onepecs
Bora’s attitude towards his work has always been full of passion and professionalism. He is motivated reliable and has excellent character.
His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop a productive working relationship throughout the bank.
He also has the analytical skills to diagnose issues and devise viable solutions.
In respects Bora’s work was entirely satisfactory and I can recommend him with every confidence.
Karen –Manager, HSBC Bank
Bora brings with him an intellectual capability coupled with practical experience, which has been instrumental in our growth and success.
He is a motivated professional who is commercially astute, with a direct style, lots of confidence and the ability to adapt to new tasks and environments.
I whole heartedly recommend Bora for a position within any company.
Mel – MD, 2Breathe
Bora’s guidance & input for our business processes & strategy has greatly enhanced our company’s success. He is professional, motivated & commercially focused.
I would recommend him to anyone.
Gary –Director IT Operations, Mainline
Recommendations about the Books
Every MBA student should have one
Demir -MBA Student
They have greatly helped me manage my marketing projects in my current & previous job working for an investment bank.
Iuliana –Marketing, M&G Asset Managers.
Simple & easy to understand
B –CEO, Venture Capital Company
Very simple & straight to the point. Makes understanding of the topics that much easier.
Professor emeritus at UCL
Recommendations about Lecturing
...Delivering a Masterclass on strategy and a twelve week Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) L7 (Master equivalent) accredited course...
Bora demonstrated a deep-routed understanding of his subject matter. He is conscientious with an exacting eye for detail. His Masterclass was extremely well received by attendees. Bora was complimented for his ability to bring strategy alive for a mixed ability audience.
I would thoroughly recommend Bora.
Quentin –Director, TMF
Voice of the customer on Teaching... Tai Chi
Thanks mate, you have really influenced the progress of my Tai chi as well as the clubs. Your input & guidance has taken our training on to a new higher level of understanding…
John -Head instructor Lee Style Tai Chi
Wow!! amazing! …. eye opener….. I’ll do some push hands with you again if you promise not to hurt me.
Marcus - Former British Special forces,
Now I see the essence of Tai chi
Anon - Under Cover police officer
After 20+ years in martial arts & Tai chi now I understand the differences that make the differences. For someone who’s really only interested in Tai chi for my health your teachings & insights have really helped.
John - Accountant, Black belt Karate.
Having studied Tai Chi previously elsewhere, I can say that Bora has a deep knowledge of Tai Chi which surpasses anyone in the field I've ever met.  He has great understanding of both the philosophical and martial applications of Tai Chi and how to apply it in real-life.
S. Scott - 1st Dan Black-belt Instructor in Mu Sool (Korean Martial Arts)
I have trained in several martial arts eventually settling with Aikido, but I’ve always fancied doing some kung fu. I was lucky enough to meet Bora through a friend, we trained together for several months, in which time he managed to incorporate both martial arts, and also show me some amazing stuff. If you want to further your martial arts I would highly recommend training with Bora, just be open minded and be prepared to change you train of thoughts. He is a genuinely lovely bloke with a great infectious passion.
All the best and thanks a million.
Richard - Sensei, Jersey Aikido Club
I have been receiving instruction from Bora, in the principles of Tai Chi Chuan, our Tai Chi instructor asked Bora to teach our Monday evening class because it was obvious that he had more knowledge, experience and skill than anyone we knew. I have found Bora to be not only very knowledgeable but also very open and willing to pass on his knowledge to his students. His classes typically have a relaxed, yet stimulating atmosphere and are very enjoyable. As for myself, I have gained many valuable insights as a result of Bora’s instruction. I recommend Bora unreservedly, to any potential student with a genuine desire to learn.
Neville –First Dan Black belt, Kenpo Karate.
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