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Book 4

About the Books
About the book ­- Precision Marketing Planning – A Simple Strategic Example
As companies face more & more challenges & their environment become increasingly hostile & dynamic, the need for robust planning & tactics are becoming more & more important.
So successful leaders are looking to ensure where their companies are going, through suitably expressed plans – to help identify what they are good at, what the customer wants, what customers they want, where they want to be & how they are going to get there – to significantly impact revenue growth.
Those that do not plan & just drift along are not seen around for long.
This e-book hopes to help you understand the basics of marketing planning. So that you too can become more enterprising & drive the strategic planning process of your organisation.
From the book
·         Do you know where you / your organisation is going?
·         Do you have a focused [customer] strategy?
These are questions you need to be able to answer, as they will be crucial for you & your organisations success.
Having a plan, a clear direction of where you are heading is crucial in creating a corporate wide focus. Once you know this (combining it with the approaches outlines in the following chapters) you will be able to guide every department to play a collaborative part in the goals’ success. As they will all be focused on what needs to be delivered...
...For your marketing plan to succeed it must be centred around what the customer wants & needs. From there you can decide on how to satisfy that need, now & in the future – your thinking needs to be long term...
...Once you can define what business you are in you can create a plan - a focus - & this will allow you to;
·         Focus on your customers’ actual needs.
·         Focus on which customers to serve.
·         Allows you to identify...
... then go about the following tactics to get the organisation to focus on...

Do you want to be able to easily;
  • Gain marketing insights as a result of real life experiences;
  • Gain a template for your marketing plan, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel;
  • Be able to find out what you are best at & what customers want & what customers you want;
  • Make better marketing investment decisions;
  • Build a sense of shared purpose among people;
  • Effectively manage your strategy;
  • Develop phased budgets & sales plans;
  • Increase Focus & so increase production;
  • Because you are serious about your future & career.

        Simply because you are serious about your future & career.

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