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Book 3: Creating Positive Focus

About the Books
Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. A. Einstein
About the book – Creating Positive Focus – to manage & lead change
Does your company have Focus? Companies with focus move forward, with purpose. No more BAU, drifting in paradigms. Instead they are externally orientated, purging low value activities, with a winning mentality; creating their futures, making change happen. They want to achieve something incredible. NOW!
This e-book is just about that, hopefully, giving you the tools & guidance to create FOCUS & manage & lead change in your organisation.
From the book
Companies need great leadership to direct them through change. And still great companies are failing to manage & adapt to necessary change, as demonstrated by the examples of Clinton Cards, Blockbusters, Lehman Bros, Northern Rock, Merrill Lynch. The common theme in is these examples is the quality of supposed leadership. Inadequate leadership meant that these companies were unprepared for their unforeseen futures.  They need to be more anticipatory...
...So companies need a Leadership strategy - to set objectives for; the number of leaders required, types of leaders, where amongst the ranks, what skill sets they need, &  overall behaving collectively to achieve corporate goals...
Why Change Occurs
Change can be introduced by a major outside force, a macro theme, as with the economic downturn we are still experiencing, to propel the corporate entity into a new evolutionary stage in its cycle, to survive & grow. As Darwin (1859) wrote, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."  And so change occurs, usually reactive to a stimuli. Rarely does firm a plan for or anticipate the forthcoming change.
Anticipating Change
And this is where an organisation’s change leadership now needs to occur, in a process that is systematic & anticipatory (See Figure 1). As a firm's competitive edge will be gained from its leadership & management of the way it anticipates the future, to stay ahead of the competition (See Figure 2).
As Drucker (1980) argued the "skill that a manager most needs in turbulent times is anticipation."...
The Reptilian
The Psychology Bit for the Heart & Mind
The 3 Brains: Why use just one brain when you can use all 3
Did you know you have 3 brains?  Well in 1952 Paul Maclean (physician & neuroscientist) developed a theory as the Triune Brain.
In that our brain is actually made up of 3 brains rather than 1 & that the 3 Brains evolved on top of each other.
The Reptilian
1: The Reptilian: oldest brain
Basically it controls the following; sex, eat, kill, power, the hands, dominance, control........
The Reptilian
Do you want to be able to easily;
tickCreate & sustain Focus to get the job done;
tickLead & manage change;
tickBuild a sense of shared purpose among people;
tickEffectively manage your workforce;
tickIncrease Focus & so increase production;
tickBecome a better leader;
tickBuild a foundation of leadership;
tickDevelop a strong corporate culture;
tickEradicate complacency;
tickUnderstand the psychology of people in change;

Simply because you are serious about your future & career.
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